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Murder in The Charlestown Bricks, a Dermot Sparhawk Crime novel, release 10-1-19

Private investigator Dermot Sparhawk is taking on cases no one else will touch. Born and raised in the Charlestown projects in Boston, Sparhawk fights for the underdog. He calls on his connections and physical skills to keep him from getting killed. He visits Charlestown's waterfront gill mills, AA halls and travels the Historic Route 66 in search of the truth. And the truth almost kills him.

This is the fourth book in the Dermot Sparhawk Crime Novel Series.

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The Revenge of Liam McGrew
Finalist for Best Crime Novel of the Year - Beverly Hills International B

Best First Novel 2012 Indie Book Awards

Best Crime Novel,  Beverly Hills International Book Awards.  

Next Generation Indie Book of the Year Award

Best Book of the Year - CLUE Awards

Honorable Mention New England Book Festival

2013 USA Best Book Award in the Fiction -

International Thriller Awards

American Librarians Association Book of the Year Award

Readers Choice Award Salt Lake City Utah Library Consortium

The Charlestown Connection


Dermot Sparhawk, a former All American Boston College football hero, is stacking cans in a parish food pantry in Boston's Charlestown, when his godfather, Jeepster Hennessey, shows up with a knife in his back and dies at Dermot's feet. Once slated for a professional football career, now a recovering alcoholic, with a torn-up knee, Dermot sets out to solve the murder of his godfather with the help of his Micmac Indian cousin, his paraplegic tenant, and a former teammate. Dermot's investigation has him tangling with members of the IRA, FBI, and the Boston mob. He also is forced to contend with Charlestown's code of silence and the norms of the neighborhood where he grew up. Feeling like he did at the height of his game, Dermot uses his Native American intuition and Irish good looks to help him uncover clues. Dermot stumbles upon bits and pieces of information that he cobbles together into an unlikely theory which leads him on an unexpected trail and to a new mystery that could cost him his life.

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Beyond the Bridge


Dermot Sparhawk, a former all-American football star at Boston College, returns in Beyond the Bridge, the prequel to Tom MacDonald's award-winning debut novel, The Charlestown Connection. In Beyond the Bridge, Sparhawk, a struggling alcoholic, agrees to help find the killer of an accused pedophile priest. When two more priests are slain in Boston's Charlestown neighborhood, it becomes evident that it is the work of a sadistic serial killer who crucifies his prey after killing them. Sparhawk blazes an unconventional trail to the killer that puts him at odds with the very people he is trying to help and initiates a turf war with law enforcement. He gathers a cadre of unlikely allies, including a parish priest, a police lab criminalist, the district attorney, and a state police lieutenant who help to rebuff attempts to derail him from the case. Then, with the help of his Micmac Indian cousin and his paraplegic tenant and former Boston College teammate, Sparhawk bulldozes his way to the truth, while putting his own life at risk.

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The Revenge of Liam McGrew

Dermot Sparhawk is at it again. Dragged into yet another set of circumstances that he wants nothing

Boston Native Dermot Sparhawk is at it again. Dragged into yet another set of circumstances that he wants nothing to do with, Sparhawk is forced to call on all his connections and physical skills to keep from getting killed.  It seems that an assassin is waiting around every corner and Sparhawk doesn’t know why.  To save his own life, he works the streets of Boston, asking questions, leveraging friendships, and persuading reluctant witnesses to tell him what he needs to know.  He visits waterfront gin mills and basement AA halls in search of the truth. And the truth takes him from his native Charlestown, Massachusetts, to his ancestral Belfast, Northern Ireland, where he faces an inevitable showdown with the man attempting to kill him.

This is the third book in the Dermot Sparhawk Series

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Tom MacDonald, where have you been hiding? Tom MacDonald has choosen to walk the hallowed grounds of Boston's Charlestown neighborhood, the turf of such super stars as Robert B. Parker, Dennis Lehane and Chuck Hogan, you fellas can move over and make room at the top, because Tom MacDonald deserves a seat. Mr. MacDonald set the bar high, then cleared it in Superman fashion. This book just jumped the turn stiles to move to the front of the line for best crime fiction of the year" --The Dirty Lowdown Tom MacDonald's roaring good story, fueled by marvelous characters, hits the gas on page one and never lets up. This book assures MacDonald a place in the top tier of New England suspense writers." Julia Spencer-Fleming, New York Times bestselling author of Through the Evil Days. "This is one of the best PI novels or thrillers so far this year. Hence with trumpets blazing and fireworks leaping into the sky, I herald a terrific read." David Marshall - Sacramento/San Francisco/Portland Book Review

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